Search Engine Optimization

Get great traffic to your website and achieve page 1 rankings with us.

  • Firstly, We make an audit reportwhich includes viable review and then keyword research is completed having plan to get guranteed success.

  • Secondly, On page optimization and internal linking use to set up to develop rankings.

  • Thirdly, For each keyword, Landing page creation and optimization is put in place.

  • Forthly, Monthly Link Building and Content Outreach takes place to expand ranking development.

Our SEO Process

Our step by step SEO process guarantees that your business will grow and groom.


We use to have a deep look and learn business, website and competitors as well. This all help us to provide an obvious documentation which we use thoroughly during project. This step involves all following steps:

i) Project Brief
Depict client information and business goals along with all compulsory information to appropriately complete innovation process.

ii) Keyword Research
Depict probable target keywords based on business goals outlined in the Project Brief and prospects initiated in the SEO Audit.

iii) IA Overview (optional)
Make propositions for improving site presentation based on user familiarity and navigation.

iv) SEO Audit
Build baseline for existing website SEO performance based on analytics, onsite & offsite aspects.

v) Competitive Analysis
Describe SEO competitors based on Keyword Research and conclude areas of opportunity and jeopardy.


Make an inclusive SEO strategy and project plan that clearly outlines deliverables and computable business objectives. Strategy involves following steps:

i) On-site Strategy
Making a plan to ascertain changes to the website code and content to optimize it well for search engines .

ii) Off-site Strategy
Conclude potential partners and influencers to target for link-building and PR efforts along with the approach and timeline – Associate

iii) Content Strategy
Make schedule of content to be produced for the website, outreach campaigns, press releases, and social media.

iv) Measurement Planning
Document measurable short-term and long-term goals to estimate campaign performance.

On-site Optimization

Apply all suggestions from the On-Site Strategy and Content Strategy, all the way through development or an alliance with the client. It includes:

i) Content Implementation
Amend website text based on the Content Strategy to replicate the keywords besieged in the Keyword Research document.

ii) Technical Implementation
Apply an edits to the website code based on the On-Site Strategy, together with:
Meta Information, Robots.txt, Sitemap, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, 301 Redirects, Canonical Links, No-Follow Links, Social Media, Internal Links.

Content Marketing

Put into operation the project plan from the Off-Site Strategy and Content Strategy in the course of influencer outreach and content sharing. It counts the following in it:

i) Content Creation
By following Content Strategy, try to create quality content on regular basis.

ii) Public Relations (optional – extra cost)
Extend information concerning the client’s business using press releases, news, and industry channels in an effort to augment coverage of content and links back to the client’s website.

iii) Influencer Outreach
Get in touch with prospective partners with an objective of publishing content on their websites that comprise links to the client’s website.

iv) Social Media (optional – extra cost)
Persuade discussion associated to client’s business as well as share of content from client’s website.

Analysis & Reporting

Bequeath regular reporting that includes analysis of campaign performance, KPIs and goal tracking, along with regulating project plan based on an outcome.

i) Monthly Performance Report
Document current reputation of goals, campaign metrics, tasks completed, also plan for the following month .

ii) Quarterly Review
Inclusive overview of campaign and modifications to the project plan based on the outcome attained.

iii) SEO Case Studies
We execute search engine optimization with an eye on page 1 rankings, however in addition our client’s bottom line. Maximizing the revisit on investment through SEO is main concern and as long as our clients with insight into how to boost their online presence through further types of marketing.

Why Our SEO Process Works?

  • We never use illegal black hat techniques that took us on top in short time but result as consequences and cause devastation on your hard-earned SEO power.

  • We work dedicately to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing SEO curve, providing frequent training and proficient development for all members of your client team.

  • We deem in exploiting superlative practices that can maximize both short and long term results, mounting content as well as structuring web pages the way they were intended to be read.

  • Our SEO consultants are determined and highly skilled. We do our best always.