Social Media Buttons The Easy Way

It’s great to have access to such a great repository of WordPress plugins, but sometimes a great plugin is just, too much for a smaller task of function. Like social media buttons, they have in fact a very simple function and most buttons require only a few rows of code. Social media buttons

If a complex plugin doesn’t provide the specific function I need, it becomes time to think about a custom solution. During the last year I used several plugins or functions to show social media buttons on this blog site. At last I used the DiggDigg plugin, a plugin that offers a great floating bar like they use on Mashable. It’s really a great plugin, but you can’t customize the plugin’s behavior so much.

Building Websites with WordPress

If we talk about building websites, using WordPress is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to get content online fast. There are numerous WordPress plugins to choose from along with great themes and widgets for WordPress. SEO plugins and widgets that add meta tags and site maps help to get new sites indexed fast, something that everyone who is building websites wants to see. I am a big fan of WordPress and have attended several WordCamp conventions. On the Web Development Blog, I share information about using WordPress to build websites, how to customize WordPress Templates and WordPress SEO. This is also where I share several bbPress plugins to include a forum on your WordPress site and tips for bbPress SEO.

Conversations With Leaders In Luxury

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